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ESCO financing of biomass installations

ESCO financing of biomass installations

Strand provides ESCO financing for biomass installations. We can finance new or existing installations.


Under and ESCO agreement the subsidies from the RHI (or FIT's and ROC's) will normally pay for the equipment.

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  • What do you do?

     We offer an alternative method of acquiring a biomass heating system.

  • Are you a bank?

    No, we are not a bank. Our job is to provide energy and equipment, once the equipment has been paid for by the RHI you can decide to buy the equipment.

  • Who gets the RHI?

    We don’t want to keep all of the RHI payments for ourselves, we only get the RHI until the cost of the equipment has been repaid. After that you will have the option to buy the equipment (for a small fraction of it’s original cost) and keep the RHI yourself.

  • When can I exercise this option?

    Anytime you like after the system has been fitted. The cost of the equipment at this stage depends mostly on the amount of heat that you have used.

  • How does it work?

    We supply the equipment and it is used to supply heat to you. You pay for the heat at market prices and contribute towards the maintenance and insurance. The heat that you use generates RHI payments which are used to pay for the equipment.

  • How long is the agreement for?

    The agreement will be for the term of the RHI, 20 years, however please remember that you can exercise your option to purchase at any time. If you exercise that option our agreement will automatically terminate.

  • Who will maintain the equipment?

    The installer will usually maintain the equipment. That installer will be contracted to do this for the entire period of the agreement.

  • Why is this different?

    Our proposal is different because it give you control. You decide when to exercise your option and after that you keep the RHI. At every stage you will know what the costs are, how much has been re-paid and what your costs will be.

  • Who is eligible?

    Our installations are primarily for commercial applications but we can consider domestic installations under certain circumstances. There are 2 types of commercial installations:

    A. In separate plant room containers

    B. Fitted into your plant room

    The agreements and legal paperwork for them both are slightly different but the general idea and the way it works is the same.

  • What are my obligations?

     Simply, your obligations would be to use and pay for the amount of heat (energy) that you have agreed to use.

  • Do I need a good credit rating?

    Although we do like to deal with solid customers, for commercial installations a good credit rating would not necessarily be required. In the initial stages of the agreement we would be the owner of the equipment so we don’t actually lend you any money. Remember that we are not a bank, our job is to supply energy and equipment.

  • What's the next stage?

     The next stage is simple. Contact us and tell us you are interested to proceed. We will arrange a survey of your heating requirements and together with us we will make some calculations to show the costs and benefits of the biomass heating system. Normally this information will be presented to you at a meeting. If that all sounds fine you will be asked to sign a “Heads of Terms”.

    After that the various agreements are prepared and once they have been signed you will get a date for your installation.


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